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Residential Care for Sexually Abused/Exploited Girls


The Residential Care for Sexually Abused/Exploited Girls have three phases namely the Drop-in, Residential and Social Reintegration Programs.

A. Drop-In Program

The Drop-in program offers a temporary refuge, shelter and a caring environment where street and community girls who are victims of sexual abuse/exploitation can drop-in. Referrals from other agencies and institutions for the same clientele are also welcome in the center. The girls usually stay in the drop-in from 6 months to 1 year. Aside from orienting the girls to group living in the center, they are also assessed to see if they respond to the program. This means that they are not forced in any way to undergo the recovery program. During their stay in the drop-in center, the girls are helped to decide whether they would continue their healing process in the residential phase , reunite with their families if both parties are ready or to transfer to other government or other agencies of their choice or to be referred to our residential house if deemed necessary.

While the girls are in the drop-in center, the girls are provided with food, rest, bath, washing of clothes and reflect on their situation for the purpose of initiating the recovery process. The girls can also avail of the following services: clothing, medical/dental services, individual counseling, group counseling ,formal education, socialization, recreational activities, value education sessions, homelike activities, Skills training, Skills for Life Sessions, adolescent reproductive health sessions, sessions on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and prevention against child abuse, spiritual enhancement, family dialogue, home visitation, referral to other agencies as deemed necessary.

B. Residential Program

The residential program receives the girls from the drop-in program who have decided to continue their healing process in the residential phase. The program offers an alternative form of family care providing 24-hour group living on a temporary basis to individuals whose needs cannot be adequately met by their own families and relatives over a period of time. This also provides an environment conducive for healing process. It is an open setting where girls are given the opportunity to attend formal school and participate in community activities. While they are in the residential center, the girls are provided with their basic needs, individual/group counseling, group therapy sessions, play and art therapy, family dialogue/therapy, tutorial sessions, value & Christian formation, homelike activities, Skills for Life sessions, Adolescent Reproductive Health sessions, psychological assessment, and psychiatric services if needed, medical/dental services, recreational activities, formal education, summer job placement and skills training. More in depth therapeutic interventions are given emphasis here to address their trauma brought about by their experiences of abuse and exploitation.

C. Social Reintegration Program

This program accepts girls from the residential program who have no families to go to or those who have decided to live independently. Through this program, each girl is guided to work out her adjustment and reintegration to society either in her family or as an independent person. Further vocational skills and college studies are provided according to their interest. The girls can avail of the following services while still part of the program: educational assistance, school monitoring, augmentation of basic needs, homelike activities, individual/group counseling/therapy, recreation, group dynamics, value/Christian formation, home visitation, family dialogue, monitoring job training and placement.