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Community Outreach and Advocacy Program


The staff of the centers also undertake outreach in the depressed communities. In this outreach program, the girls are provided sessions on prevention against sexual abuses to make them aware of sexual exploitation.


Parents of the beneficiaries are given opportunities to develop their potentials through skills training to capacitate them for better family relationship. They are also provided with free medical services to improve their health conditions. The beneficiaries of the community outreach program are provided with free educational assistance, Christian formation, skills training for the parents and parenting education, family counseling, home visitation, medical service, educational trip, sessions on prevention against child abuse, sports and recreational activities.


Advocacy campaigns on the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse are also being done in schools and barangays in the cities where the congregation is present. The regional offices of the Department of Education in the cities of Cebu, Pasay and Cavite have already gave an approval for the centers to conduct room-to-room advocacy sessions both for elementary and high school students in the area. The topics given during the Advocacy Sessions in schools and barangays include “Child Rights,” “Child Abuse,” “Psychodynamics of an Abused Child,” “Techniques of the Abuser,” and “What to Do and Where to Go when in Situation of Abuse” and the like. Oral and written evaluations are usually done every after advocacy sessions in order to assess the understanding of the children on the sessions given and to check if there are disclosures about sexual abuses that they or their friends have experienced. Careful interventions are given to those who disclosed their experiences through coordination with the school principals, class advisers and guidance counselors for further appropriate interventions, which would address their healing process.